Today Starts Turtle Nesting Season in Volusia County | Daytona Oceanfront

5/1/2019 By Michael Linton | Linton Global Partners

Daytona Beach, FL – Sea Turtle nesting season begins today here in the Daytona Beach area. This means that turtles will come out of the ocean to lay their eggs in the next few months. Once they lay their eggs, they return back to the Atlantic. In about 60 days, hundreds of hatchlings will emerge. The hatchlings then head towards the ocean.. Bright lights can disorient the young turtles that are trying to make it to the ocean, so Volusia County has instituted a beach lighting management plan. The plan is a 72 page document. (If you would like to read it is located here.)

What to do during Sea Turtle Nesting Season In Daytona

If you own a property on the ocean, please turn off lights when it’s dark or close your window coverings.

Don’t disturb a sea turtle that is moving to or from the ocean or laying eggs. Watch from a distance of at least 35 feet.

Avoid shining lights on the beach at night. This may frighten away nesting females. This could also interfere with the hatchlings as they try to find the ocean.

Avoid walking or cycling in nesting areas. These are usually marked but always keep an eye out.

Report any injured or dead sea turtles to beach patrol or Volusia County employee.